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About us

Snoopy was recently crowned fastest dog in the Fairwater dog show, beating whippets and greyhounds.
My name is Phil Barker and these are my family dogs Snoopy and Charlie. We've had Snoopy (pictured right) for two years. having acquired him from the RSPCA dog shelter in Penarth.  He was only six months old but already had too much energy for his previous owner to handle.
Two years ago my wife worked full time and I worked away, so not an ideal environment for Snoopy to come into but our family wasn't complete without a dog. We had a typical hectic lifestyle and it definately had an affect on Snoopy.
Luckily for Snoopy about a year later I made the decision to permanently return home however it took Snoopy a while to realise there was a new top dog in the house but he is a lot more content, trained and he gets all the exercise he needs, he's a real athlete of a dog.
Now we had the right environment, it was time to add to the pack in November 2011. We came across another rescue centre in Carmarthen called Many Tears and after a lot of deliberation over the many gorgeous dogs they have there we decided upon a six week old collie/beagle cross called Drew. We renamed him Charlie and he's absolutely lovely, although not quite as smart as Snoopy.

With my love for dogs and seeing the difference that regular exercise and stimulation has made to our dogs lives, I started gone walking to help dogs and their owners achieve a better balance in their lives. It may take a while but you will notice a difference in behaviour.

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